1. Is there a membership or administration fee to pay on top of the participation fee?
    No, there are no annual membership fees to pay. You only pay the participation fee, with no hidden extras.
  2. How is the program run?
    The program is aimed at kids from the ages of 4-10 and focuses on teaching the basic/intermediate skills of soccer or Aussie rules. Kids are separated by age.
    The session begins with a warm up and stretch. Kids then participate in drills and skills in the form of games and then play a 20 – 30 minute soccer or football game at the end. We operate on a ratio of 1 coach to approximately 10-12 kids. The program runs every Sunday morning (12 weeks) for just over an hour. The main objective is to instil an enjoyment and a love of the game and our philosophy is to keep it fun and engaging.
  3. What happens during inclement weather? Are the sessions cancelled or rescheduled?
    At SealPony, sessions are never cancelled and are run irrespective of weather, RAIN, HAIL or SHINE!
  4. Do you run a separate girls group?
    During the skills and drills both girls and boys participate together. Depending on the number of girls participating we will either combine boys and girls for the game, or separate them if there are enough girls to run a separate game.
    We separate girls only if they wish too participate in the game separate from the boys.
  5. What equipment is needed?
    As stipulated by the insurance policy, shin pads are the only compulsory equipment required. While football boots are not compulsory, they are suggested as they offer greater grip and stability when playing on a damp ground.
    All students are provided a uniform during enrolment, though it is not compulsory.
  6. What equipment is given to enrolled participants?
    As well as a soccer ball, participants are given a football shirt & short with the club’s emblem on it. At the end of the season all participants are awarded a medallion in recognition for their efforts.
  7. Why are shin pads not supplied?
    Shin pads come in many different styles and sizes, including with and without ankle braces. Parents are advised to take their child to their nearest sporting store to be fitted.
  8. Do we have to purchase the equipment every time we re-enrol to participate?
    In fact, they are optional. There is no compulsion to purchase them at all, even if you are a first time participant.
  9. Can we try out the sessions before deciding whether we enrol my child?
    If there are vacancies available on the day participants are welcome to a trial, though preference is given to those who have registered. At SealPony Football we try and maintain a 1:10 ratio of coaches to participants. If you are interested in attending a trial session, please contact us before hand to see if we can accommodate you. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to come down and watch a session at any time.
  10. Can I get a refund if my child no longer wishes to participate?
    We hire coaches dependent on the number of participants enrolled (to cap classes and keep them small). As such we are unable to offer refunds if participants change their mind.
  11. When and where do the sessions run?
    At this stage sessions are only run every Sunday morning at James Street Reserve in Heidelberg.
  12. What are funds generated spent on?
    Funds generated are used to pay for:
    • Insurance
    • Equipment for participants
    • Coaches
    • Council fees for ground usage
    • Equipment for running of the sessions
  13. If after participating in the SealPony program my child would like to continue with football, which clubs do you suggest they attend?
    We live and work in the community, as such we are knowledgeable about local clubs. After your child has participated for a season or two we will be happy to share our knowledge and discuss options.
    Some clubs are run like a militaristic boot camp, while others are more laissez-faire and family orientated. As such we prefer to have individual conversations with each family. We usually provide parents with information on the local clubs within their municipality. We also recommend that you see how your child interacts with the coach and other kids. Look for whether the coach is encouraging, positive and supportive with the players and whether they build a rapport with the children and their families.
  14. Is SealPony affiliated with any other football club?
    Although we have contacts within local clubs, we are not affiliated. We are an independent organisation.